About Me

I'm a 30 year-old mom to an amazing five year-old, and wife to a wonderful, loving, and supportive husband who suffers from bi-polar with depressive episodes and severe social anxiety. I've bottled up feelings on how we survive and face our battles for longer than anyone should, and now feel an overwhelming need to share everything and anything I can to which someone else might be able to relate. Depression is real, it's terrifying, and it's misunderstood. My goal isn't to fix the world, but educate and help those who I can so they can realize there is always hope.

We live in Kansas City and I have a great job that helps keep me sane (ha, like I'm sane!!). My family and close circle of friends amaze me everyday with their understanding and blatant truthfulness. I'm Catholic (yes, that's another topic for another day) and my faith in God helps me get through all of the bad and good days. I now believe that we can't make any progress without honesty - if you want to know something, ask me and I will do my very best to answer. I'm not afraid of the stigma anymore; and that my friends, is a tremendous feeling.

Pray, Hope, & Don't Worry ~ St. Padre Pio